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Some of my thoughts about supervision and CPD

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Supervision & Self Regulation

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A few personal thoughts about the continuing move towards voluntary self regulation and the requirement for supervision.

Supervision & Self Regulation

A few personal thoughts about the continuing move towards voluntary self regulation and the requirement for supervision.

This movement towards the voluntary self regulation of hypnotherapy is well underway and as a result of this it is very likely that requirements for supervision & CPD will increase rather than decrease.

Raising the professional image of hypnotherapy in the public perception is part of this movement. Changes will begin to appear in the quality of training courses and in the criterion for membership of Associations will become more stringent.

In my opinion as these changes start to take effect changes will also occur to the requirements for Insurance cover.

At the moment there is some disparity in the criterion for membership between Associations and it is likely that voluntary self regulation groups will opt for the higher end of this scale.

It could be assumed that existing members of Associations will be carried forward with their Association to the new requirements, or be grandfathered to the new expected levels, either with additional training or by taking the Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma by portfolio.

Those of  you who are presently with an Association and are actively working as hypnotherapists will no doubt be just moved along the process as and when new requirements are announced.

Those of you who may only be seeing clients on a casual basis or who are planning to use hypnotherapy some time in the future do need to be aware that as this process moves forward they may become left behind if they allow current memberships to lapse.

Supervision and CPD will become a necessity rather than a choice, as it already is in some Associations.

An underlying reason for supervision is to not only safeguard your clients by making sure you are using safe methods
of treatment but also to safeguard you as a therapist, to make certain that you are working safely within your abilities and are not in danger of becoming isolated,
closed to new techniques or damaging yourself psychologically through treating clients.

Barbara Saph,
Saphire Therapy

Posted Apr 15, 2010