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Changing Behaviours: Habits with Jacqui Godfrey

Changing Behaviour: Habits with Jacqui Godfrey
 15th February 2014- Southampton, investment £94.50

The Course

 In this training day we will show you how to change habits and addictive patterns using a series of tools and skills which will enhance your current practise.

 We will look at how habits are established using the Human Givens Model and also why Hypnotherapy scripts are sometimes unsuccessful.

 You will build an understanding of how the Human Givens can influence the outcome of hypnotic intervention, and the vital role Ego Defence Mechanisms play in sabotaging the success of therapy.

 It is a day of logical understanding as well as practical experience to combat any resistant or challenging clients.

 You will learn techniques to support your practise and these will be provided in script format easily adapted to suit every client.


Learning Outcomes

•           To understand how Habits and Addictions are established

•           To determine what role Ego Defence Mechanisms play and how to combat them.

•           To learn how to apply Conscious language patterns to help re-frame the unwanted behaviour.

•           To be able to apply Hypnotic techniques successfully, to support changes at the subconscious level.

•           To feel confident to adequately change unwanted patterns of behaviour, regardless of the subject matter or the attachment to it.


Jacqui Godfrey DHyp Psych (UK) GQHP,  Cert CTP Psych, EFT1,2&3.AAHMET,

And Matrix Reimprinting certification.

 Jacqui Godfrey

Jacqui has been working in the field of Hypnosis and Energy work for the past 10 years. She is in private practise running 2 clinics within NHS Surgeries and a private practise in Chichester. After completing a 5 year training course in Transpersonal Psychotherapy & Counselling, she began to develop an interest in the Subconscious and the role it had to play in behaviour patterns. Studying with Uncommon Knowledge she gained accreditation as a qualified Hypnotherapist, and later worked for them as a Supervisor and Mentor.


She has studied in the US  and has gained accreditation in the development of human potential, behaviour patterns and group dynamics. Moving towards a more integrate approach, and recognising the intrinsic links between the mind and body, has led to further training in Matrix Re-imprinting and EFT Level 1,2 & 3, to further support her client base.


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