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Inner Power Hypnobirthing workshop 

A 1 day workshop for experienced Hypnotherapists who wish to include Hypnobirthing for their clients.

Inner Power Hypnobirthing

CPD Training Day

July 7th 2012

Course Outline

What hypnobirthing is all about

How hypnobirthing can help a mum-to-be enjoy a wonderfully natural pregnancy and childbirth

The biology of the female body

The biology of childbirth

Breathing techniques

Use of visualization

Use of colours

Birth Images

Glove Anesthesia

Positions for labour

Flower Remedies for pregnancy and birth

Home births, hospital births

Water births and TENs machines

Suggestions to include in a pregnancy zap

Suggestions to include in childbirth zap

Useful terms

Useful things to know

What to do to get ready for the birth

What to do after the birth

How to avoid post-natal depression

To Book Contact Barbara at TSN: 02380663658

Venue Wooster Suite, Empress of Blandings, Copythorne, Southampton SO40 2PE

Investment £97.50


Biog Paola Bagnall


Paola has a degree in Biology and is a qualified teacher having taught for 35 years, formerly in a comprehensive school and then in a sixth-from college.  She retired from teaching in July 2004 to take up hypnotherapy full time.

Paola learnt self-hypnosis and found that she was able to tap into the Inner Power of the unconscious mind to heal a shoulder injury.  The medical profession had been unable to help her.  So having discovered the innate ability we all have to heal ourselves, if we desire to, by harnessing these inner resources Paola went on to become a fully qualified Hypnotherapist helping people to control pain, to heal themselves, be more relaxed and more confident.  She is also an EFT and Reiki practitioner.

Using her¬†understanding of the human body and hypnotherapy Paola combined these two areas of knowledge and devised the very successful Inner Power Hypnobirthing method for childbirth.¬† She has written a book ‚ÄėBirth Made Easy‚Äô, published last October, which is now available as an eBook on Kindle and iBooks.

Paola believes in hypnosis with a passion and helps people to tap into the Inner Power of the mind to promote the desired changes and physical wellbeing that they wish to create in order to reach their full potential.


telephone             020 8660 6022



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