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Hypnotherapy in Australia

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Hypnotherapy in Australia

Summary of the talk on hypnothrapy in Australia.

On 12th April Linda Witchell, re-joined the group and provided a Power point presentation about the knowledge she had gained and her experiences of hypnotherapy in Australia where she had lived for 4 years. Linda described personal observations about the positive culture towards complementary therapies. She told us about the history of hypnotherapy in Australia and how it seemed to have been a disjointed process to get the different States and Territories to share the same views. Hypnotherapy is now self regulated and seems widely accepted by Australians although as with many services those people who live inland and away from the large towns and cities have difficulty accessing hypnotherapy services. Linda knew of one hypnotherapist who would fly to the outback to ensure people could get hypnotherapy. So just like here in the UK, hypnotherapists believe in what they do and want more people to experience their services.

Posted May 14, 2014