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Hypnosis for Fertility with Bee Hall

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Bee Hall from Inspiral Hypnotherapy and Training is teaching a 1 day certificated workshop on Fertility on July 17th for TSN 

at The Wooster Suite, Empress of Blandings, Copythorne, Nr Southampton.


Details Below

Fertility Course Outline



This is a certificated course for hypnotherapists wishing to specialise in treatment of fertility. This course seeks to teach the practical skills as well as the theoretical knowledge required to understand, at a level suitable to our profession the key issues likely to be faced by our clients, and how you may help. Hypnotherapy practitioners will be able to use these techniques straight away, and may well find them equally useful for other client scenarios.



Bee Hall has been a hypnotherapist since 2000 and a hypnotherapy teacher since 2006. She specialises in the treatment of fertility, attracting clients from all over the south of England. All the materials on this course have been developed by Bee and are tried and tested with many clients. Hypnotherapists who have participated in this course in the past have also experienced excellent results with their clients.



  • Develop practical hypnotherapeutic skills for working with fertility
  • Have an outline knowledge of the IVF process
  • Understand the potential physical and emotional blockages to conception



This course is aimed at both qualified hypnotherapists and trainees. It is assumed that course participants know how to safely use hypnosis inductions and deepeners, either from a script or off the cuff. No prior knowledge of fertility matters is assumed.



Participants will need to bring a pen and paper and an open mind. Hypnotherapy induction and deepener scripts should also be brought along, if used.






  • Introduction:¬†the structure of the day,¬†about Bee Hall and her interest in fertility
  • A guided visualisation for participants, for learning enhancement
  • Statistics & Information:¬†prevalence of infertility,¬†Male / female differences,¬†N.I.C.E. guidelines
  • Hypnotherapy:¬†why it helps, a¬†treatment plan,¬†stress reduction
  • DEMO & PRACTICAL ‚Äď A technique for uncovering. ¬†This technique widens the scope of a method that some participants will already be familiar with. It is also useful for dealing with stress. Used in relation to fertility, it helps uncover the subconscious thought processes that may be inhibiting conception
  • A look at family process ‚Äď in the client‚Äôs past and present
  • DEMO & PRACTICAL ‚Äď A technique for investigating the positive and negative influences of the different people in the client‚Äôs life, and how these influences might be put in perspective
  • Preparing the body:¬†the mind-body connection,¬†fertility & acupuncture
  • DEMO & PRACTICAL ‚Äď A technique that can help with chronic pain and other conditions of the body, as well as fertility. It can help reveal worries about physical ability to conceive and is also a healing technique.


Your investment for this advanced training day with Bee is a TSN only special price of £92.50. 
Early booking is recommended as this workshop is going to be very popular at this price.

To book contact

Therapist Support Network Group Facilitator, Barbara Saph

Phone: 02380 663658

Mobile: 07919162542
E-mail: or click link on the top left of the home page.