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with Barbara Saph 

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Hypnosis for Depression Master Class

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The Nature of Depression and its Treatment by HypnoPsychotherapy.

This is a one day intensive master class for practicing hypnotherapists
David Collingwood-Bell
on Sept. 23rd 2012
at the Wooster Suite, Empress of Blandings, Copythorne, Southampton SO40 2PE

Your investment is £97.50

To book contact Barbara on 02380663658

Course information

Although not essential, those taking part in this course might find it helpful to bring to the course a copy of When Living Hurts: Directives for Treating Depression by Michael D Yapko. This book will be referred to during this day and is a useful ongoing resource for those working with depressed clients.

The course content places an emphasis on the psychotherapeutic knowledge pertaining to depression and will enable you to select and use approaches and techniques that will help the vast majority of those seeking your help with this condition.

The use and efficacy of hypnosis is included. Up to quite recently hypnotherapists were discouraged , even warned to shy away, from treating clients with depression. However, although we need to be aware of certain contraindications and avoid certain approaches and techniques, the benefits of using hypnosis, alongside and incorporating other methods, are now well established. This has been argued cogently by, for instance, Yapko and Aladdin.

Although classified as a mood disorder by DSM IV, on this course you will learn that depression is  much more complex than this, with a number of interrelated dimensions. This demands that treatment has to be customized to an individual's subjective experience within the particular contexts in which he or she experiences the suffering. It is more accurate to talk about depressions rather than depression.

Amongst the wealth of material introduced on this course we will explore: –

the benefits and reasons for using hypnosis;

what it is that causes some to become helpless yet others to rise above their problems;

the significance of positive expectation and development of a positive response set in clients who will probably have a past orientation;

a number of theories, (cognitive, intrapersonal and interpersonal), describing the causes of depression;

a variety of interventions, which are appropriate for each of those theories;

the significance of directed, strategic therapy and the role of directives;

the need to understand the client's frame of reference and all of the contexts in which the clients lives;

how to interrupt negative and rigid patterns of thinking and behaving in order to break the patterns that maintain depression;

strategies that help clients to let go in order to move on;

the significance of core values and beliefs in the development of rigidity and how to help clients generate other ways of perceiving and interpreting events, in order that they are able to see things from different perspectives;

approaches that encourage the externalisation of thoughts and feelings and the creation of meaning from the experience of self observation..

During the course you will be introduced to a number of methods and techniques but all of these will just be examples. What is most important is that the course will help you to think more strategically and to design interventions for each unique client .


Bio for David Collingwood-Bell
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Training Director, UK Academy of Therapeutic Arts and Sciences (Wales and Borders)
Faculty Member, National College for Hypnosis and Psychotherapy
MNCH(Acc), Senior Clinician, National Council for Hypnotherapy
Special Adviser on Tinnitus for the National Council for Hypnotherapy
Senior Clinician, Delwyn Hypnotherapy Group
0044(0)1978 769178