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Deep Hypnosis for Professional Hypnotherapists with Simon Wayman

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Deep Hypnosis for Professional Hypnotherapists



Simon Wayman
Simon Wayman


Saturday Oct 9th

Venue:Wooster Suite, Empress of Blandings, Copythorne, Southampton
close to junction 2  M27


Simon has developed this advanced workshop to take professional hypnotherapists beyond some of the basics that we may have learnt during our training into an area where we can begin to utilise deeper trance state to facilitate easy rapid change.

Simon will take you step by step through the process of taking your clients into this deep state and will show you the most effective methods to assess and check for the level of depth.
The workshop will include theory and practice, course notes and a CPD certificate.

Simon has been a practicing hypnotherapist, for over 15 years, he is an accredited trainer with National Register of Advanced Hypnotherapists and a registered Ultradepth practitioner.

To find out more about Simon Wayman his web site is

Your investment for this advanced training day with Simon is only £67.50
Early booking is recommended as this workshop is strictly limited numbers due to nature of the work.


To book contact

Group Facilitator, Barbara Saph

Phone: 02380 663658

Mobile: 07919162542
or email here

Further information about the workshop and Simon

An Introduction to Deep Hypnosis


A one day Advanced Training seminar for Professional Hypnotherapists


Deep Hypnosis Methods for use in Hypnotherapy.


This course takes you beyond the basic hypnotic methods offered by most training schools. You will not only learn new methods, you will get to practise them.


On the day you will learn:


By-passing the critical factor

Hypnotic inductions & methods demonstrated

Deepening methods demonstrated

Rapid inductions demonstrated

Pre-induction talk for client

Conscious & subconscious mind

Depth scales


Testing for depth of Hypnosis

Getting feedback

Character types, how to recognise them

Attitude of therapist

Difficulties with hypnosis


The course includes;

A 35 page manual

An attendance certificate for CPD



The main thrust of the workshop is to show how to get your clients to the somnambulistic depth of hypnosis. This is well beyond the normal working depth for most hypnotherapists and a very useful one for working with clients. I teach methods to get people to this level, including rapid inductions. Also I show how to assess their depth of hypnosis - getting feedback and recognising signs of depth.

There will be lots of hands on practice throughout the day, and the students will be experiencing deep hypnosis for themselves. I finish the day with a demonstration of somnambulism in one of the students - this is very interesting.

I have completed the ‚ÄėUltradepth‚Äė course which enables practitioners to get their clients to the somnambulistic, Esdaile, catatonic and Sichort states. The Sichort state is as deep as you can go. I can explain what happens to people at these levels of hypnosis, although in this course I only teach the somnambulistic level.

I will also explain the new mind model of how the conscious and subconscious mind works, both in and out of hypnosis. This is useful to know where your suggestions are going, which part of the mind gives the symptoms, etc.

I talk about character types and dealing with difficult clients, overcoming resistance, the therapist’s attitude and approach, and building confidence.

Getting clients to a deep state of hypnosis takes skill and practice for the practitioner. This course sets down the basic procedures and protocols.

Questions are answered throughout the day. Students find the course interesting and fun.

The subject of hypnosis is huge and this course is only an introduction. It leads the way to many ways of working with the mind.



Simon Wayman DHP D.HYP-ADV MAPHP(acc) RUDP MCHA has been a practising therapist for 15 years.
Hypnotherapist and Hypno-Analysis.
An accredited member of the Association for Professional Hypnosis & Psychotherapy.
An accredited trainer with the (British) National Register of Advanced Hypnotherapists.
A Registered Ultradepth Practitioner.

He has experience in teaching many aspects of therapy.